Nominee voting will be from Monday,  January 23rd at 12:00AM C.S.T. until Tuesday, February 22nd at 11:59PM C.S.T. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

◘  top contender (athlete)
◘  Beauty influencer
◘  Best of the arts
◘  charitable champion
◘  clipper king or queen
◘  clothing boutique/dESIGN HOUSE
◘  digital Influencer
◘  Down-home eatery
◘  fitness fanatic
◘  game changer
◘  go getter (entrepreneur)
◘  sharp shooter (photographer)
◘  sugAr mama/daddy (bakeR)
◘  breakthrough fashion designer


The Local Love Awards is an inaugural fundraising gala highlighting and honoring our local small businesses, local entrepreneurs, and local humanitarian organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This will be an exciting event to recognize individuals and minority businesses that are often the over looked and forgotten infrastructures, that transform areas into communities, and holds those communities together by serving and meeting the needs of the people who live there. These businesses and individuals contribute greatly to the unique character of our city by improving our neighborhoods, strengthening our economy, providing our citizens more job opportunities, and giving hope to our young business-minded children that their entrepreneural spirit should live on. It is time to put the spotlight on the true backbone of our city. This event will include awards being given in specific categories, dinner, dancing, entertainment and more.

All the proceeds from the Local Love Awards will be donated to Project 16. Project 16 is a non-profit organization with a charitable and educational intent, geared toward serving our underprivileged, at-risk youth, through support, education, and exposure while instilling basic life skills to help prepare them for a better, more successful future. Project 16 wants all kids prepared to be outstanding and upstanding citizens, and workforce ready before they graduate from high school.



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